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Optimized and quality of life improvements make sure that Minecraft players have the best possible experience on the Mineraid servers.

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Our Minecraft servers are always online all day so wether your gaming by day or gaming per night Mineraid is always online for you to join.


We have Moderators online everyday and night to make sure that the Mineraid comunity is a nice place and safe to hang out.

Here is the new and improved Mineraid Network with a new server and website. Mineraid is a fun and active Minecraft community managed and developed by a passionate development team. Our aim is the be the best community Minecraft server and we hope you join us on this journey.

Currently, our site and server are in full development as we dot the I’s and cross the T’s to give a full and rich Minecraft experience to our Minecraft players. Please join our Discord linked on the top of our website to get updates on the latest and greatest from our Dev team.

Patch Notes

The latest Mineraid Patch Notes

Patch Notes 23-11-2020

This weeks patch notes Skywars: Solos Finished Needing to Bed Test solos to see if everything is goodBedwars: FinishedLobby(s): Main Lobby Added more things to do in the lobby like tic-tac-toe and stuff like that Read more…