Some common question visitors or members might have regarding the Mineraid Network. Please make sure to check our FAQ that will be updated first before posting on our forums.

What is Mineraid?

Mineraid is a community run Minecraft server with minigames.

What Mini-games does Mineraid have?

Mineraid offers the following minigames: Skyblock, Skywars, The Bridge, Battle Royale, Bedwars, Build Battle Duels.

How do I join the server?

The official launch will be Q1 2021, for now the server is in Beta testing and development phase.

How do I appeal a ban?

You may appeal on your ban appeal forum section following the guidelines here: Ban Appeal Forums

How do I apply for staff?

Staff position if open can be applied for using our application form in the main menu under Community.

What rules does Mineraid have on the server, website & Discord?

The rules can be found on the forums here: Community Rules and in the Discord channel: # ☥-rules-☥