Patch Notes 11-11-2020

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@everyone More Patch Notes :))))

- New Mineraid logo added(not final)
- New Template and CSS for colors(not final)
- Added ticket system for server and webstore support.
- Added place holder layout for future graphics work.
- Added Menu with better grouping.
- Added various bits like social links as place holder.
- Started Work On Store
- Two Fully Maps are finished 
- Loot tables are 40% done
- Scoreboard is finished
- Prices in the shop are finished 
- New Waiting Lobby added
- Profile page for players are done
- Lobby Map added (just needs some finishing)
- Levels are mostly done 
- Server Selector Updated to reflect our new gamemodes
- Began work on Server
- Added new arenas 
- Fixed small bug were players could not join 
- Working on teams support
- 1st map is done 
- 2nd map is 40% complete 
- Added more arenas
- working on adding support for Duos and Squads
- Fixed issue where the bus would only work on players which are on 1.8 
- Added more loot 
- Reworked Gun Models:  https://imgur.com/a/7HOiRBd (All guns will have iron sights)
- Added Supply Drops
- Our Plugin dev has started work on building a plugin for us 
- Added a new MOTD
- Added a Party System
- Ping Optimizations 
- Looking at anticheats to use
- Added Support for 1.16.4

If you would like to know all the Minigames we are going to have on launch here is a list:
- Bedwars
- Skyblock
- Skywars
- Oneshot
- Infection
- 1v1 The Bridge
- Battleroyale
- 1v1 Duels
- Build Battle
- Parkour Warrior
- TNT Tag
- Leaderboards Zone

Discord server:
- New Partnership
- Hired a guy to spice up our discord server
- Starting beta tests on December 1st so all you sweats can try out some of our gamemodes (mainly battleroyale)
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